hey everyone,

how’s your Saturday going so far? i’ve got a couple deadlines in a few days and instead of doing that, i’m rewatching Modern Family. (as if i didn’t finish it like three days ago lmao). I just wanted to make this post to let you all know about my cute (new!!!!!) cover for THE ART OF FAKING IT

(Oh, and I’ve updated the covers for my poetry books, LOST AND FOUND and REALITY as well!!)

For those of you that don’t know, THE ART OF FAKING IT is my New Adult/early twenties novel about a British-Bangladeshi young woman called Sabrina Ahsan, who’s still mourning the end of her last relationship, when she’s introduced to this hot, intelligent and charming teacher-slash-artist, Daniel Fitzgerald. They hit it off, sparks fly, but moving on, of course, is never as easy as we hope it to be. Throw in a very culturally and religiously traditional parents and things are bound to get a little complicated, amirite?

Basically — it’s a very cool book with great writing, if I say so myself and I think you should all definitely buy it! (Pls, the cover is gorgeous!)

let me know what you all think! I would love your support with my work and if you buy a copy of THE ART OF FAKING IT! and my poetry collections LOST AND FOUND & REALITY

If you enjoy my writing, feel free to support my work via Paypal or buy me a digital Ko-Fi. If you’d like to commission me for any work, please check out my portfolio.

I would also love to write a memoir— already have a title in mind and everything.

Originally published at on August 28, 2021.



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